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Atheists Helping Atheists

The Atheist Survival Guide Wiki is a resource for atheists to help other atheists to cope with the challenges of being marginalized by the overwhelming majority of theists in the world who believe that atheists are morally inferior. The goal for Atheist Survival Guide is to help atheists cope with misconceptions by learning of ways to interact with theists that demonstrate a higher degree of moral integrity, authoritative and controlled argumentative skills, and a command of language and subject matter. Whether you are simply curious about atheism or you consider yourself a "militant atheist," the Atheist Survival Guide community is here to help with knowledge, arguments, survival tips, and advice from atheists like you.

Community-Driven Content

The Atheist Survival Guide Wiki is a community driven effort. This means that all atheists (and people who want to contribute something useful for atheists) are invited to become a member of the community and create/add/update/edit the content of this site. Atheist Survival Guide will become as interesting as the collective wisdom of its contributors. And being as atheists tend to be more skeptical by nature, it means a lot to atheists to know that this information is coming from within the atheist community. Atheist Survival Guide strives to maintain a high standard of information quality over quantity, although eventually, with your help, we will have both.


This is a community effort. Please share your infinite wisdom with other atheists so that they too may be able to defend themselves from the onslaught of misinformation being spread by the media, text books, community leaders, politicians, parents, friends and others.

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Wiki Help

If this is your first time using a Wiki, start here.

  • Log in using your facebook account. (create a user info page for yourself using the User Info Template and clicking on your username at the top of the page)
  • In order to create and edit articles, you need to be a member of the ASG facebook group (click here).
  • To create a new article (page), use the form above.
  • Click on the "View Source" or "Edit" tabs above on the pages you wish to emulate and see how the pages are constructed.
  • Click on the "Transitional Forms" tab to see who did what to the page and when.
  • Introduction in wiki markup - find some useful explanations around using this wiki

More help can be found at Help:Contents

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Sample Entry

On the page, Macroevolution, notice that all red links (not the red changing text in the demonstration) are articles yet to be added. If we follow this path of building and creating references to articles that don't yet exist in the wiki, we can go through in a more guided fashion and build out the wiki by adding the missing referenced articles (which will inevitably lead to more references to more missing articles). In the beginning all pages will be very simple with the only requirements being the survival tips and contemporary and historical "survivors" (see the bottom of the Macroevolution page). As more people add more details, the pages will become more and more informative.

Be a part of the Atheist Survival Guide Wiki community. The wiki is open to everyone. We will need screeners and admins and "wiki-geeks" to run it once it starts to pick up momentum. If you are interested in contributing at management level, please join the facebook group and post a request.

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Theistic Arguments

Feel free to add content that reflects your area(s) of expertise. See the help section above if your are not familiar with contributing using MediaWiki. Here is an example argument which includes the three survival sections (what makes our wiki special):

Inspiration for other arguments can be found here

Contributors: Sean Rowland, Sharky

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